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Flute for the Soul - Finding your Purpose

Ann Licater plays beautiful original compositions and inspired improvisations on Native American and World flutes that resonate on a deep and soulful level. In this two-hour workshop held at the hosting organization’s location, Ann leads participants in creative and meditative exercises while the sound vibrations created by these contemporary replicas of ancient wood and clay flutes help build intuitive skills for self-discovery. Ann Licater's "Flute for the Soul" workshops are like a spa treatment for your soul--leaving the workshop participant with a fresh perspective that is both calming and rejuvenating.

Flute for the Soul - Unwind at Work

Ann Licater plays wood & clay flutes in a professional setting to de-stress employees and for team-building to facilitate brainstorming and creative problem solving. The unique experience of live music in the workplace offers a fresh approach to learning and productivity by calming the mind and fostering intuitive skills. Ann also works with other musicians offering acoustic instruments such as harp, cello, world percussion and didgeridoo. Perfect especially if your company already works with on-site massage or healing art practitioners.

Learn to Play the Native American Flute as a Spiritual Practice

Ann Licater teaches workshop participants to play the Native American Flute so they can bring out their spirit through an instrument. No prior musical experience is required. This all-day class can be taught over two evenings as well. Participants either provide their own 5- or 6-hole Native American-style flute or purchase one at the workshop. Great for anyone interested in connecting with their "Inner Musician."

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